BALMORAL ISLAND — Chinasa Outten

Age: 18
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Grits and Tuna

What was your childhood like?
ADVENTUROUS!!! I spent most of my childhood outdoors with my cousins climbing trees in my backyard, running around barefoot with my hair out, wild as can be,  and just living that “island life”.  I can’t say there was ever a dull moment in my childhood. There were some bittersweet moments, such as breaking both my arms on two different occasions after falling out of trees.  My childhood memories are filled with sailing on boats, fishing and enjoying our beautiful sun, sand and sea.

Balmoral Island | Chinasa Outten

Balmoral Island | Chinasa Outten

Something unusual about yourself?
I am a trained fire dancer.

A proud moment in your life?
The day I left my job and decided to start my own business.

Fun Fact
I once went swimming in the freezing cold at 4 a.m.!


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