GRAND BAHAMA | Serena Greene

Age: 23
Favorite color: Blue and purple
Favorite food: Pasta

What was your childhood like?
I grew up as the only child of two tennis players as parents. No, I was not named after Serena Williams, but I did spend a ton of time on the tennis court. As my mother would always share, I sat under the basket of balls while she gave her lessons. At the age of five, my family and I relocated to Abaco where tennis and education still remained a prominent part of my life.

GRAND BAHAMA | Serena Green

GRAND BAHAMA | Serena Green

Something unusual about yourself?
I bonded with my grandmother through Cream of Wheat when I visited Freeport from Abaco. It came to a point where because I loved it so much that she would send it on a flight to Abaco just for me.

A proud moment in your life?
The day I graduated from college with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and delivered the commencement address for the ceremony. I also got to meet and take photos with the Chancellor of the University.

Fun Fact
Although Iā€™m a beauty queen, I am a tomboy at heart and that in the past two months this has been the most that I've ever worn heels and makeup.


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