LONG ISLAND | Angel Cartwright

Age: 23
Favorite color: Azure
Favorite food: Boiled Grouper with extra lime and pepper!

What was your childhood like?
I had a very adventurous childhood! My summer and winter breaks were spent on Long Island where I learned to become a real “Island Girl”!  Fishing, snorkeling, and boating with my family would be my Top three favorite activities.

LONG ISLAND | Angel Cartwright

LONG ISLAND | Angel Cartwright

Something unusual about yourself?
My mother was preparing to be a nun and my father was studying to be a priest when they met. My siblings and I jokingly say that we are destined to be here!

Briefly describe a proud moment in your life.
I was selected to represent the views of young Bahamians at the 10th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) which was created with the assistance of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

Fun Facts
I once auditioned for a Cover Girl Campaign.


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