SAN SALVADOR | Caitlyn Walker

Age: 18
Favorite color: Aquamarine
Favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo

What was your childhood like?
As a child I was very antisocial because I had a difficult time making friends. Instead, I spent a lot of time reading. During my primary school years I would sit alone and never take part in group activities.  Much of my time was spent walking on parks, beaches, and dirt paths where I would observe the animals in their natural habitat.  This is where my love for animals and the environment came from.

SAN SALVADOR | Caitlyn Warker

SAN SALVADOR | Caitlyn Warker

Something unusual about yourself?
Whenever I go to the grocery store I read the ingredients on the back of packaged items and if the first ten aren't familiar to me I won't buy it.

A proud moment in your life?
Joining the Royal Bahamas Defense Force Rangers program, it was magical.

Fun Facts
I once died my hair silver for a school assignment.


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