Round 2

Presenting the winners of Round 1 of the ALIV Head to Head People’s Choice challenge! Emerging from Group 1 of the Head to Head challenge are Miss Balmoral Island Shakera Hall and Miss Crystal Cay La’Tiqua Smith. Receiving the lion’s share of the votes from Group 2 are Miss Ocean Cay Rotalya Williams and Miss University of The Bahamas Lydia Cooper. The ladies will now face off in Round 2 when journalist Kyle Walkine will interview them once again. That interview will be featured on the final episode of Road to the Crown, which airs Tuesday May 21, 2019 on REV TV Channel 212. The winner of Round 2 will automatically advance to the Semi finals on May 26. Round 2 voting starts now and ends on Saturday May 25 at 6 p.m. Be sure to continue to support your favorite and help her take one step closer to the crown! Congratulations ladies, and good luck!


They didn’t advance to Round 2, but they still need your help!

Even though they didn’t make it to Round 2 of the ALIV Head to Head challenge, these young ladies still need your support because your votes make up 20% of their score to advance to the Semi finals!


Coming May 26, 2019


Your votes alone will instantly save one of these contestants and advance her to the Top Six!


Top 6 Vote

The public vote in this round of competition is not cumulative but is being treated as one judge, so the contestant with the highest number of votes will earn 10 points from the public, the second highest votes will earn 9 points, the third highest votes will earn 8 points, and so on.  It’s important to note that once the Top 6 are determined, all scores will be thrown out and the semifinalists begin competing again on equal footing.  Your votes will be combined with scores from the judging panel to determine the Top 3! 


Top 3 Vote

In this round both the judges scores and the public vote will be based on rank, with the public again being treated as one judge.  The contestant receiving the highest number of votes in this round will receive 10 points from the public, the second highest votes will get 9 points and the 3rd highest vote will get 8 points.  These points will be combined with the ranks voted by the judging panel - with winner receiving 10 points, 1st runner up receiving 9 points and 2nd runner up receiving 8 points - to determine the winner and runners up placements. Your vote should be based not just on the final answer given, but on your overall impression of the contestants. Who do you think should be the new Miss World Bahamas?