ABACO | carissa francois

Age: 17
Favorite color: Royal blue
Favorite food: Fettucine

What was your childhood like?
My childhood years were a struggle.  I was bullied in primary school and junior high school because of my size.  At a young age, my family began facing hardship after my dad had to leave the country, leaving the welfare of our family to my mom who didn’t have a fulltime job.  After bouncing from apartment to apartment we moved from Abaco to New Providence however during our stay with family we weren’t treated the best. All these events happened in a span of 3 ½ years. However, my four siblings and I are close because we’ve been through everything together. Now we are living a happy, fulfilled life which is great! The Grace of God and the help of my pastor and church family is what kept us during those difficult times.

ABACO | Carissa Francois

ABACO | Carissa Francois

Something unusual about yourself?
I used to eat rocks because of the satisfying chalky taste it had. Weird right?

A proud moment in your life?
Becoming Miss Abaco 2019.

Fun Fact
The sight of blood frightens me.


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