miss world bahamas | NYAH BANDELIER

Age: 18
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Sushi and Tacos

What was your childhood like?
My childhood years were very active. I have lots of fun memories playing and running around with my cousins and my neighbors. I attended dance school where I learned ballet and acrobatics. Attending church on Sundays was also a huge part of my childhood. I always looked forward to the summers when I would get to travel with my grandmother. While there were fun times, I also experienced some bad. But I’ve learned not to let the negative memories affect or dictate my life but rather grow from the experience.

ELEUTHERA | Nyah Bandelier

ELEUTHERA | Nyah Bandelier

Something unusual about yourself?
My eyes change color between blue, green and grey, depending on my mood, what I’m wearing and sometimes even the weather.

A proud moment in your life?
Aside from graduating high school, my proudest moment would be overcoming bullying which made me more confident and how I grew stronger from that experience.

Fun Fact
I am petrified of frogs but that didn’t stop me from eating frog legs once.


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