cat ISLAND — edneka farquharson

Age: 21
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: Crab and Dough

What was your childhood like?
My childhood years were traumatic, yet it adventurous. I faced and eventually overcame hostile situations which led to me being placed in the Ranfuly Home for Children. My time there was amazing, I was given opportunities which changed my life. However, I didn't fully appreciate everything the home did for me until I left because I always felt like something was missing.

Cat Island | Edneka Farquharson

Cat Island | Edneka Farquharson

Something unusual about yourself?
I have unbelievable drive! Despite the difficulties I have faced, I am now working and putting myself through school.

A proud moment in your life?
Making the decision to further my education and following through with that decision by enrolling in BTVI.

Fun Fact
Even though I am from the sunny Bahamas, my favorite sport is Ice Skating.


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