Age: 24

Favorite color: Anything with glitter

Favorite food: Peas Soup and Dumpling

What was your childhood like?
I have one word to describe my childhood years…busy. I have very fond memories of going to dance practice, soccer, clarinet lessons and choir practice all in one week while still being a full-time student. Throughout my childhood my parents ensured that excellence plus passion always equaled fulfillment. I spent my time juggling how to be a big sister to two siblings with my million-and-one extracurricular activities along with learning what I wanted to be when I grew up. It’s at that time I learned that experiences shape who you are and steer who you aspire to be. 

NEW PROVIDENCE | Jerchovia Moxey

NEW PROVIDENCE | Jerchovia Moxey

Something unusual about yourself?
I’m known to be the performer of the family and took every chance I got to entertain my family by putting on my own productions. With each show I’d invite my family members to come and enjoy the theme of the night in our living room and backyard ready to dazzle them.

Briefly describe a proud moment in your life.
Gratefully I have been blessed with many memorable moments, but I was most proud of my first self-taught sewing experience in university. I channeled my love of crafts and fashion, found my way in front of a borrowed sewing machine and made a skirt out of curtain fabric. I hope to one day have my own fashion capsule line. 

Fun Facts
I once touched a poisonous Blue Jeans frog while white water rafting in Costa Rica and lived to tell about it.


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