ABACO | Alexis Denoye

Age: 18
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Chicken wings

What was your childhood like?
Growing up I never had it easy. Times were extremely hard, but I never noticed. It was a struggle just for me to receive basic resources like access to running water. As a child, I also suffered a lot of emotional abuse, I was told that I was never going to achieve everything great, which negatively impacted my self-esteem and confidence as a young adult. However, I despite it all, I grew up happy and knowing that better days were ahead, and I could achieve whatever I put my mind and heart to.

ABACO | Alexis Denoye

ABACO | Alexis Denoye

Something unusual about yourself?
I once shaved off my eyebrows, thinking it was a good idea.  It didn’t take long for me to realize it wasn’t, after my friends at school made fun of me.

A proud moment in your life?
Winning a speech competition in the Miss Abaco pageant. 

Fun Fact
I’m a star athlete who has won many races at Inter Island track meets.


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