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geena thompson


When Geena Thompson was named Miss World Bahamas 2017 on Sunday July 30, she was overcome with emotion, and for good reason.  This was her second attempt in as many years at capturing the crown after a disappointing elimination from the semi-final round a year earlier.  As she took in the moment, she realized that a lifelong dream had finally come to pass and she was the nation’s newest “it” girl.

For Geena, the journey to the crown was not an easy one.  Having been bullied as a child for her “deep” voice, she learned to minimize both her voice and her presence in an attempt to deflect attention away from herself.  Fast forward to 2018, and Geena has become an empowered woman of purpose who has found her voice – so much so that she is frequently sought after as a speaker on various issues affecting women as well as a motivating force for the nation’s youth.

Throughout her reign as Miss World Bahamas, she has sought to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, a passion she has had since childhood.  Her Hope for the Homeless project to fund an emergency shelter for at risk woman and children gained national attention and public acclaim.  She also used the power of the sash to inspire the nation’s children to always strive to do their best.

What’s next for this beauty of Long Island heritage?  She will seek to add another degree to the Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Law she currently holds from the University of Wales when she leaves for University in the Fall of 2018.   With her goal to start a scholarship and tutoring programme for those in need of financial and academic assistance on the horizon, we know that great things are in store for this remarkable young woman.