Contestants dazzle in Costume Competition!

An overcast sky and downpour of rain may have forced a venue change from the Rooftop by The Pointe, but the inclement weather did not dampen the spirits of the contestants who proudly displayed their love for Bahamian culture during the Miss World Bahamas National Costume competition, held at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel.  From the Morton Salt girl to Bahamasair, the sun, sea and everything in between, this year’s costumes were an impressive display of creativity and craftsmanship. 


ABACO – The Coral Enchantress

Delicate coral and the pink sands of Harbour Island cover a mutation of a human and coral reef.  The costume was adorned with shells and artificial corals from head to toe.

Abaco 3.jpg
Abaco 2.jpg


ANDROS – The Androsian Queen

Designed by Judy Deleveaux, a colorful Androsia dress with straw accents. Worn with a nature-themed head piece that served as the crowning glory of the royal monarch.

Andros 1.jpg
Andros 2.jpg


BALMORAL ISLAND - Queen of the Goombay Festival

Made with colorful locally produced fabrics, the costume is the representation of typical wear of a female performer during our historic “Goombay Summer Festival”.

Balmoral Island.jpg
Balmoral Island 2.jpg


CRYSTAL CAY - Authentic Bahamian Bride

Designed by Dr. Patricia Pratt (Designs by Pat), the costume is a dazzling custom burlap couture gown, adorned with sparkling crystal seashells, and accessorized with handcrafted straw shoes and evening clutch.

Crystal Cay 2.jpg
Crystal Cay 3.jpg


GRAND BAHAMA – The Morton Salt Girl

The Bahamian based Morton Salt facility was so excited by the costume choice that they donated over 10lbs of salt crystals to this dazzling creation. The Hand-crafted crystal salt purse accents the hand stoned and rhinestone embellished dress and heels.

Grand Bahama 2.jpg
Grand Bahama 3.jpg


LONG ISLAND – Yuma, Goddess of The Shallow Shores

Designed by David Rolle, the costume depicts the goddess born from the natural treasures of the sea with the power to shift the tides and calm strong winds.

Long Island 3.jpg
Long Island.jpg

NEW PROVIDENCE – A Gateway to Paradise

Welcome aboard BahamasAir’s Flight 242.  Designed by David Rolle, this unique costume represents our national flag carrier during the era of the 1960’s and the beauty of The Bahamas.

New Providence 1.jpg
New Providence 2.jpg


RAGGED ISLAND – The Rising Sun

In tribute to her late grandmother Kayla Lockhart Edward’s final album entitled “To The Rising Sun”, this costume vividly depicts the golden and spectacular Bahamian Sunrise in all its magnificent glory and splendor.

Ragged Island 4.jpg
Ragged Island 3.jpg


SAN SALVADOR – Goddess of the Sun

Created by Anthony Knowles and embellished by Christopher Royale, the costume featured Ostrich Feathers and Swarovski crystals, exuding the radiance of the sun.

San Salvador 4.jpg
San Salvador 2.jpg



The costume depicts the National Flower, of The Bahamas, the Yellow Elder. This beautiful flower can be found throughout the Bahamas and on many parts of the University of The Bahamas’ campus.

UB 2.png
UB 1.png

 “One of the things we look for as costume judges is the craftsmanship and level of finishing.  I am really impressed to see that these costumes are so well made, they would be ready to represent us on the Miss World stage.”

-          Kishlane O’Brien, Costume Competition Judge


Top 3 c.jpg
Top 3 a.png



A distinguished panel of judges was given the difficult task of choosing a Top 3:

Arlene Nash Ferguson – Educator, author, cultural activist

Darren Bastian - Former leader of the One Family Junkanoo group, now head of Engima Carnival Group.

Angelique McKay - CEO and Founder of the Cacique Award winning Junkanoo Commandos organization

D. Levar Adams – Veteran Junkanoo designer and visual artist

Kishlane O’brien – Member of National Junkanoo Committee

Daniel Liu – President, New World One Bay

After much deliberation, the Top 3 were revealed to be Miss World UB Shelly Elisee, Miss World Ragged Island Desire Edwards, and Miss World Long Island Angel Cartwright.  The winner will be announced during the Miss World Bahamas finale on May 27.

Top 3 a.png
Top 3 b.jpg
Top 3 c.jpg
Michelle Malcolm