Evening Gowns and Beauty with a Purpose Competition tonight

Evening Gown flyer.jpg

For an evening of elegance, poise and sophistication, be sure to join us at The Balmoral Club this evening at 7 p.m. for the 2018 Miss World Bahamas Evening Gown Competition! 

In the evening gown competition, contestants should display elegance, poise and a sense of style. Emphasis should also be placed on the candidate's runway or catwalk skills. She should know how to carry the design in the way that the designer intended for the clothing to be worn. As such, she must not be judged on her choice of gown, but rather on elegance, poise and runway skills. Her evening gown  attire should best showcase her personality while being fashionable and couture.  The competition is one of the fan favorites, because the contestants are known to "bring it" while wearing show-stopping gowns.  The Top 3 will be announced this evening, and the winner revealed on the final night of competition.

For the first time in MBO history, the Evening Gown competition will followed by the 2018 contestants Beauty with a Purpose presentations.  In past years, this competition was held behind closed doors and as a result the general public never got to see the submitted projects.  During tonight's event, contestants will be required to present their projects to the audience.  The winner of the Myles Munroe Beauty with a Purpose award will be announced during the finale on May 27.  The winner receives a $2500 academic scholarship from the Ruth & Myles Munroe Foundation. 




Michelle Malcolm